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Invention and logic are elements which attract and repel…

Since childhood he has had a driving curiosity about how things are built and function: and where objects took on new identities and shapes.
Much of his work involved electronics, modeling, graphic arts. A hands-on classroom where learning about instruments and materials was all important.
These experiences led him to enroll in the architectural University of Venice, Italy.
During his university studies he attended both experimental seminars held by Prof. Peter Eisenman and courses taught by Prof. Aldo Rossi who, later, became advisor for Michele’s graduation thesis.
At the same time he created a series of glass sculptures in Murano. In 1991 these sculptures were presented to the public at the Palazzo De Probizer in Isera near Rovereto.
For this exhibition he planned everything including, the layout, the catalogue, press release, dealt with the media.
In addiction he organized an educational project to display to students the technics involved in creating his glass sculptures.
Michele has present numerous design projects at various competition receiving both prizes and favourable mention.
One project, in particular, in 1990 at which a solar powered headset realized with composite assembled layered technology.

Architectural graduation, Venice

Product manager at Deroma Spa. World-wide leader company in clay products.

Member of Architects Association of Vicenza

Since 1997

Significant works

  • Producer of soundtracks for video projects
    Still life photographer for his visuals projects
    Project developer of furniture elements in carbon
    Designer of a director chair in carbon
    Designer of Solare XXI Consortium stand, PV Rome fair
    Prada Black Box Director

    Tai Ping Showroom, Milan

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